David Ruhl

Email: d.a.ruhl@gmail.com

David Ruhl

Program: Neuroscience Training Program

Education: University of New Mexico

B.A. Psychology

B.A. Philosophy

Research Interests

Characterizing the biophysical mechanism by which the presynaptic Ca2+ sensor synaptotagmin 1 (syt-1) controls neurotransmitter release. I found that the kinetics of synaptic transmission are partially controlled by the intrinsic kinetics of syt-1*membrane interactions, and used a “chemical genetics” approach to argue that penetration of membranes by syt-1 is a key step in exocytosis. Current work is focused on synaptotagmin 17, a poorly-studied syt isoform that plays a role in neurite outgrowth and postsynaptic efficacy.